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Music Producer and DJ

This is a man who breathes music. Lucas or known as Q-Lucas is the founder of independent record label 'Ghost Recordz International, and is a European DJ & Producer.Q-Lucas has been on t he scene sinc e 2019, and has reached some incredible heights.

Lucas has made songs like 'For The Nurses' which reached 12,000 streams on Spotify, it was played by Belgium's national radio 'Radio 2', and was a collaboration with a hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lucas was booked with his duo act as Mystic Balance X Q-Lucas by one of the biggest trampoline parks in Belgium: Superjump. He performed for 'United As One', got a spot in 'Pure Child' magazin and attempted to make a jingle for NPO KX. Furthermore, Lucas and Senne (Mystic Balance) performed in and organized Ghost Recordz' biggest production 'Destiny The Audiovisual Festival'.

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Ghost Recordz International

Lucas is the founder of Ghost Recordz International. Today, Lucas and his ​colleague Senne (Mystic Balance) are the main strong hands behind Ghost Recordz International. Click the button below the visit the official Ghost Recordz website.

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Mystic Balance X Q-Lucas

Lucas and his colleague Senne form a rock-solid DJ duo known as Mystic Balance X Q-Lucas.

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